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Internet Outage In North Korea

North Korea’s experienced an internet outage after a row with the United States regarding the country’s security online. U.S. experts has reported that internet services was already restored. Meanwhile, officials from South Korea gave no comment regarding the incident.

Analysts said that North Korea’s internet access was entirely cut for a period of time. Though there were speculations that China was responsible for the outage, they shut down the rumours immediately claiming that it is unprofessional and can be misleading. China has met with all sides involved in the misunderstanding to prevent any more tension between them and North Korea.

It is quite unusual for a country so bonded with technology to go about its business without access to the internet. During the outage, all smartphones are rendered useless without internet access on them. Embassies in Pyongyang also denied the people from accessing their public wi-fi. It has been reported that the increase of demand in building properties near the embassies has been due to people being able to access the wi-fi in the embassies.

With the absence of the internet, all North Korea have is an intranet. It is the country’s internal website which only broadcasts news about the state and is also considered as a cookery website. Though ordinary citizens are unaware of the lack of internet access, since they are not allowed to in the first place, the incident is still obvious after losing access to their online newspapers.

Some of the news websites, North Korean Central News Agency and Rodong Sinmun newspaper, were up and running after being shut down for a while. The latest stories posted were mainly about the glory of the Kim family and North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un.

After Sony Pictures releases a comedy targeting Kim Jong-un, the company experience a cyber attack. The US promised equal treatment after the attack. Though questioned about the recent internet outage in North Korea, US does not want to comment regarding any involvement in the incident.

It was speculated that the event was meant to send a message to North Korea’s leader and show him how vulnerable his country is. The outage lasted for 9 hours and 31 minutes and was then restored. The restoration is ongoing because there are still some websites that can’t be accessed. The internet outage was not a sudden event since there have been signs of the connection being slow before it totally went offline.

North Korea is considered as secretive and only a few citizens have access to the world wide web.

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