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Early this year, HomeUnion investment properties launched a new program that enables investors to search investment properties easily.  HomeUnion is known for bringing into the market, value investing in single-family rental properties (SFR).  Using its own algorithms, HomeUnion has developed a search engine that can filter and identify opportunities for investments from the top 12 SFR markets.  The properties that have been filtered assure the investors of credibility since they would have to go through comprehensive review by the staff and experts in the local market, creating a highly valuable list that can be accessed through the HomeUnion website.

 There are several factors involved in determining the final list:

  • Rents
  • Home Prices
  • Vacancies
  • Employment Diversity
  • Population Growth
  • Performance Trends (Historical)

The search engine allows the users or investors to study the potential of their possible investment, which then can help them decide whether they would be willing to look for a financier for their investment or pay in cash.  Some important variables that are also included in the interactive search engine are the investment amount, projected return on investment, appreciation, price range, among others.

According to Don Ganguly, CEO and founder of HomeUnion, their new property search engine has capabilities that automatically match the SFR assets with the best and specific criteria of investment presented by the investor.

With the help of the property investment site, more investors can acquire a property that fits their investment requirements.  Also, HomeUnion helps investors throughout the journey of a property investment, including location of properties, advice regarding a purchase, looking for renters, management of property and selling of the said property as the need arises.  For example, they help in the purchase and handling of the ongoing management properties – finding worthy tenants for and maintaining the properties, HomeUnion makes sure that HomeUnion Property Investment brings more value to the investment made by an individual who wants to invest in SFR properties.  To date, their site has more than $20 million in terms of properties under their management, and they only started with their operations in May of last year.

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