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Japanese-Styled Super Hotel Now Open In Thilawa

In light of the recent crawl of foreign investment for Myanmar’s budding economy, the Japanese-owned Super Hotel Co. opened to the public its second hotel in the country, counting on an increase of travel from Japan for business purposes.


This second hotel, under the name Super Hotel Myanmar Thilawa, boasts features that make it identifiably Japanese in the modern era, one of them being the 129 rooms outfitted with bidets or “washlets”. The new hotel in Myanmar is an estimated hour drive from the country’s commercial capital, Yangon, as it is sited in Thilawa’s Special Economic Zone. A considerable number of Japanese firms have already been constructing accommodations for surrounding housing within the Thilawa Special Economic Zone, but the Super Hotel is the first of its kind from a Japanese company.


Super Hotel Co. announces that the hotel, in its four stories, will feature a restaurant, special rooms with kitchens, and spas.


Even as Myanmar has marked a second decline in direct foreign investment from fiscal 2017 to March 2018, Japan has been steadily increasing its investments since 2011. A report from Colliers International, a firm in property consulting, last February shows that only in the last three months of 2018, the average room use of a hotel in Myanmar has decreased to 40%, which is a stark contrast from 2012’s 70% – 80%.


Super Hotel Co. has hotels in around 130 places all over Japan after 17 years of operation, and has erected hotels in Hanoi back in 2014 and its first hotel in Myanmar back in 2015, in Yangon. The rate for occupancy for Super Hotel Myanmar Yangon is claimed to be subpar to the average rate of the hotels in Japan – which is a staggering 90% – as claimed by Ryosuke Yamamoto, Chairman of Super Hotel.


However, during the opening ceremony, Chairman Yamamoto expresses confidence in leading an economic boom for the country through the Thilawa Special Economic Zone, as it has potential for growth due to its resources and its promise for a healthy hotel sector.


Super Hotel Co. has set a 60% goal in average of room occupancy within three years of operations, expecting an influx of guests as more companies choose to build facilities, factories, and offices, within the zone.

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