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Kylie Jenner’s Reason behind Her Frequently Changing Hairdo

Kylie Jenner explained why she is frequently transforming her look in a recent column on her site and app. The teenager is not hiding anything through her hair.

When she was 16, Kylie dyed her hair without her mom, Kris Jenner’s consent. She said the liberating act made her obsessed.  She was addicted then to having new hair style every time. It made her feel like a different person. She fancied over the sense of change. She added that she was thrilled to get out of her house with the thought that no one has seen her like that yet.

Kylie wrote in her new post that she does not want to sport one style for a long time. She also said that it’s difficult for her to return to styles she already tried. She doesn’t like her black and short hair. Accordingly, it makes her feel old school and she doesn’t want to go back in the past.

Kylie also admitted that because of her hair dye addiction, her hair was damaged. She uses wigs and extensions often to rest her damaged crown. Her hair problems led her to an endeavor of creating wigs together with a partner, Tokyo. She said wigs are trouble free. It gives her the freedom to change her look all the time without damaging her hair. Tokyo is the person behind her newest grand hair look- a lengthy, mint green and straight hair do which she used during the Sugar Factory inauguration in New York City Fashion Week.

She justified that frequently transforming her look makes her creative and it boosts her confidence. She suggested that if you are experiencing troubles with life and you desire change, play with a different hair style. She said it is so amusing and liberating. You can go for a new hair cut or try mobile hair extensions Leicester.  In the end, it’s between what you want and what you feel. People who truly love you will back you up. Kylie did not talk about her next hair transformation. But for sure there will be changes of her style soon!

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