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LA Metro Installs Ad-Funded Info Screens For Citizens

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) will be needing digital screen installation, as they’ve recently partnered up with Intersection in order to install a new digital communication and ad network on the Southern part of the Metro Blue line, as part of their rail line upgrade initiative dubbed “New Blue”.

The new IxNTouch information screens, powered by the IxNConnect communications platform pioneered by Intersection, will be installed at several stations in the Metro Blue Line, specifically those between Long Beach and Compton. Metro is working with digital screen installation to roll out this new technology, which will allow them to communicate with customers via a growing network of digital screens, as well as helping passengers in the line to navigate the city’s transit system better.

The interactive touch screens will give customers access to helpful information like system and connections maps, train and bus arrival times, among others. Once completed, the network will let Metro provide information and messages to the connected screens in the system, allowing them to share targeted information to any number of units in the network, whether the whole network itself,  a specific line, a specific station, or, even, an specific screen inside a station.

Metro CEO Philip A. Washington says that they’re moving toward customised information delivered to passengers in real-time, in a manner that they know and expect in such an environment. This, he says, is just the latest example of the Metro’s continuing efforts to give the Los Angeles County a world-class transportation system.

Metro and Intersection will be working together to handle digital screen installation, installing about 100 of them by October, when the “New Blue” upgrades are scheduled to finish.

The entire Metro Rail system, the Orange Line, and the Silver Line will have hundreds of new customer information screens installed, IxNTouch panels, specifically, on station platforms, mezzanines and plazas, with every station receiving at least 2 screens.

The system won’t cost the agency much, if it does at all, as it will be paid for via advertising revenues and Intersection has stated that they’ll be investing about $20 million in digital equipment on the Metro rail system, with no cost to the agency.


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