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Logistics Industry To Welcome New Block chain Apps

The supply chain market is not a simple one. Because of its complexity, it is a relief that block chain technology is trying to make an entrance. In medical logistics, it is not enough for the equipment to be transported from one place to another. The process is more complex than that because equipment needs to be disassembled prior to shipping and staff are necessary for medical installation once it has arrived in its destination. The parts are separated while on transport because it could cause deterioration to some.

With the use of block chain, the processes under logistics are more transparent and tracking is easier. Block chain is exactly what the supply chain needs right now. In perspective, the logistics industry will use the technology as a decentralized digital ledger that will make sure all covered blocks are tracked accurately. In average, a shipment could transport from around 30 various organizations and within that move the communication can be over 200. The supply chain is quite complicated and may of the companies that are involved do not have the necessary software. The result is that there are delays and it will be hard to determine which part of the route the holdup happened.

Supply Chain Dive’s consultant for supply chain and blockchain, Brian Reed, said that blockchain is considered to be a game changer because it is creating such as huge ripple in the industry. The initiative is not done alone but it is completed with the help of a partner. For instance, IBM has created more than 400 projects involving blockchain with the use of Hyperledger Fabric and now the company is partnering with Maersk in order to create an international trade platform that can be utilized by the shipping ecosystem.

It is expected that there will be transparency from point A until the last route of the supply chain. Some of the block chain applications that will help staff perform medical installation faster on newly shipped medical equipment involves the Ship Chain from IBM and Maersk, Modum which is a company based in Sweden and 300Cubits which is a platform utilizing Ethereum.

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