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LTO Handles Noisy Motorcycles Once More

The public is not happy with the increasing number of motorcycles that have noisy exhaust systems. This might be a rare complaint with brands such as Aprilia bikes but in the Philippines this is quite common. Due to the rising complaints from the general public, the head of the Land Transportation Office, Edgar Galvante, has decided to release a memorandum to authorize an operation for crackdown of motorcycles with the noisy exhaust systems as the target.

The sound is not only unpleasant to the ears but it is already treated as public nuisance. These motorcycles with noisy exhaust systems are using modified mufflers. In the streets, these types of motorbikes are referred to as bora-bora. The President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, has previously expressed his dislike of these types of motorcycles therefore, he ordered a directive to prohibit these from being used on the road.

As per the memorandum released by the LTO chief, they are following the policies under the Philippine law and they are also honouring the directive of the President. The latest memorandum was signed on April 29 of this year.

Despite being signed almost two months ago, the Moto Sapiens revealed that the copies they got were only distribute on June 3. These copies are sent to regional LTO offices, district LTO offices and chief of operations under the LTO.

Galvante revealed that he decided to take action after the recently concluded National Motorcycle Convention in the city of Iloilo. President Duterte gave a speech and expressed his dislike about bora-bora and how riders should take heed of his warning.

The LTO has the right to apprehend drivers who are riding motorcycles with exhaust pipes that are louder than 115 decibels. If caught, their license plates will be confiscated and those without license plates yet will be sent to the impounding facility.

According to a reliable source, the motorcycles can be redeemed as soon as the exhaust system is replaced with a type that follows the regulations of the LTO. The motorcycles should be as silent as Aprilia bikes in order to avoid causing public nuisance.

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