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Marketing Techniques For 2014 Holiday Season Shopping

Almost all businesses are improving their marketing and promotional strategies because holiday shopping is already in full swing. Predictions are good for business because experts estimate that there will be $100 billion in online sales which is 16% over the sales of last year. In a new report, Business Insider Intelligence report has estimated holiday sales and consumer behavior by tracking marketing techniques that businesses are now implementing to catch up on ecommerce profitability for the holidays.

The key points of 2014 holiday season sales trends

The expected growth of mobile commerce is overwhelming – online purchases that have been made through smart phones and tablets have risen to 48% in the second quarter of the year amounting to about $8 billion. Compared to traditional online shopping using desktop computers, mobile commerce is three times greater with the fastest increase in mobile spending since the first quarter of 2012.

Online platforms influence offline sales
– a great majority of sales generated by brick and mortar stores are results of mobile searches; however, some of the searches also result into online purchases. Either way, it benefits local businesses that have included mobile marketing in their list of strategies. For example, Ugly Christmas Sweaters have capitalized on the popularity of Facebook as their advertising medium.

Traditional retailers are shifting to ecommerce – businesses have realized the significance of having online sites to generate more sales; but they have to optimize their sites for different platforms that include desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones to generate more sales particularly during the holiday season.

Mobile is allowing traditional retailers to leverage with ecommerce giants
– a business that is optimized for mobile gets a chance to catch up with the giants in online and offline retail like Amazon and Target. Using mobile devices is a new trend in online shopping and it provides all types of business equal opportunity to generate sales.

Greater presence for Google, Amazon and tech companies in product delivery – while FedEx and UPS have already committed to hiring additional 145,000 seasonal workers to ensure that purchases are delivered on time during the holiday season rush, Google, Amazon and other tech giants are handling most of their logistics to ensure same-day delivery services.

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