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Microsoft 10 Version 2004 Update Causing Problems To Laptops

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Meanwhile, a new flaw was discovered in the latest version of Microsoft 10 that could prevent users from accessing the internet. Microsoft has admitted that the flaw could affect laptops with certain LTE modems that are being used to connect to the internet through 3G/4G mobile broadband. The modems might show “no internet” in the Network Connectivity Status Indicator.

To solve the problem, Microsoft has placed a compatibility blocker on the update so that users of affected modems won’t be offered the Windows 10 version 2004 update. However, since the update was released in May, there is a very likely chance that some users have already installed the update. For these users, Microsoft has published the “workaround” that involves switching Airplane mode on and off again.

Microsoft is working on a fix to the modem problem but it won’t be available until late September. There is a list of serious issues with 2004 update, some of which were discovered as early as May but have not yet been resolved. Last June, Lenovo reported that some of its laptop models were affected by the 2004 update problem.

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