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My Little Pony Christmas Wish

According to a recent report by KRQE NEWS 13, New Mexico’s Christmas spending will increase by 3 percent this year. New Mexico researchers think this is mostly due to lower unemployment rate and the decline in the price of gas. It will not sound so surprising if some adoring parents have already started wrapping gifts and putting them under the tree. The question is, what do most kids wish for this Christmas holiday?

The answers are compiled by Sumocoupon, an online coupon company, using Google’s online searches and trending items. The said coupon company made a map of the top holiday toys in each state.

In New Mexico, “my little pony” won the top spot in the most wanted holiday toys while Barbie took the first place in Texas. Both the states of Illinois and Wisconsin declared video games as the winner. Scooters are the most wished for item in the state of Florida.

Hasbro is the maker of the most desired toy in New Mexico, “my little pony”. Jessica Sanchez who is a research director that works for Hasbro said that she wasn’t surprised that My Little Pony is still deemed as one of the most desirable toy despite its 30 years in the market. Sanchez shares that there are things “my little pony” offers to girls at a young age like friendship, being part of a community and being able to be socialize. These things make these toys last for decades.

Though there are some parents who are not very convinced of the result of the said survey map.

Jamie Tate, a parent, is sceptical because even though her kids (4 and 6-year-old girls) asked for My Little Pony they also asked for other things.

While parent Kerry Trautwein said that despite her daughter’s collection of my little pony items, she still asks for more.

The National Retail Federation revealed that the most wished toy by girls this holiday is Elsa from the movie “Frozen” which became a hit. According to the Federation’s survey, 1 of 5 parents are buying Frozen items this year while 17% plans to buy Barbie.

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