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National Aquatic Animal Of Thailand Announced

Many tourists are flocking to Thailand with bookings in villa in Koh Tao or reservations in hotel in Bangkok but very few came to the country prepared. Most of the time, those who are serious about visiting Thailand, even learn the basic phrases of the language in order to communicate with the locals. In a recent announcement, the kingdom has announced that it has officially recognized the Siamese fighting fish as Thailand’s aquatic animal.

The Siamese fighting fish carry a unique feature because of its tiny but eye-catching fin with different colours. The betta fish is quite popular in Western countries because it is one of the most common fish that can be found in home aquariums. The underwater brawler was a favourite because its body is iridescent and its tail has many hues.

According to the locals, looking at the fish brings so much nostalgia on their part because it has become an essential part of the oldest generations found in Thailand. The country was used to be called Siam but in 1939 it has decide to change his name.

Siamese Fighting Gallery which is located in Samut Prakhan is currently being managed by Sakda Sihapat who is the caretaker of the gallery. She said that majority of the Thais who are older can still remember the days when they can catch the fish simply from local ponds and canals located all over the rural area.

For those who are staying in Bangkok, the gallery can be reached in as fast as 15 minutes by commuting. There is boat that crosses the Chao Phraya River which is known to be the native swimming grounds of the betta fish.

Sadly, the waterways of Thailand are not the same as before. Just like how much the city has changed, the bodies of water have also changed because of developments both from the commercial and the agricultural sector which prompted the migration of the local fish.

For the younger generation, they will only be able to see the fish in pet houses. If they are lucky to book a villa in Koh Tao, there might be ponds untouched by nature which houses the national aquatic animal of Thailand.

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