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New Data Privacy Law Puts Small Tech Firms In Jeopardy

One of the most common flowers that are exported from Thailand is orchids because of their beauty. There are Thailand orchids wholesale distributors that offer very cheap prices through the internet. A variety of species can be delivered on time at any destination across the world. Most of the orchid suppliers have their websites where you can choose from the images posted on the pages.

Meanwhile, in Europe, the new data privacy law has put some small tech firms that track people online in jeopardy. However, it will benefit companies like Google and Facebook in the €173 billion global online advertising industry.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that was brought in by the European Union in May is designed for the protection of personal information. Websites will be required to seek the content of users before they use personal data.

The ability to track online users has obviously attracted hundreds of companies that gather and process large amounts of information from websites even without the consent of the website owner. GDPR will pose a serious challenge to these groups because they now need consent to use data. It is uncertain whether every link in the supply chain is compliant to GDPR. If not, they may be pushed to leave Europe altogether.

On the other hand, Google and Facebook would benefit from GDPR because their users are more likely to give consent to the use of their personal data so that they continue to use the sites. The two platforms can gather and analyze huge amounts of GDPR-compliant data that advertisers need to pay for before they can use them for marketing purposes. According to Mark Read of the world’s biggest ad agency WPP, consumers will be more confident if they know that their data is being protected and know how it is being used.

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