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New Web Browser And New Operating System From Microsoft

On the conference I attended yesterday, one of the guys from Perth Web Design mentioned a breaking news item he has recently read regarding a new browser from Microsoft to go with the new Windows 10 operating system.

Internet Explorer was once the dominating browser used by online users but while it is still available, it has gotten a bad reputation because Chrome and Firefox were faster. These are the rival browsers from Google and Mozilla that have overtaken Internet Explorer. According to market researches Google Chrome has outpaced Explorer as the world’s most widely used web browser. Some analysts are of the opinion the Explorer is still the leader in desktop PCs but it definitely lags behind Google, Mozilla and Apple for smartphones and tablet computers.

Explorer is still being used by businesses particularly those that use web-based software that relies on Explorer. According to tech analyst Al Hilwa, Microsoft will continue to support Explorer because it does not want to alienate business customers by requiring them to rebuild their systems from scratch.

However, after 20 years of competing with Chrome and Firefox, Microsoft is launching a new browser that is designed for the modern web and mobile devices to go with the Windows 10 operating system that will be introduced later this year. Microsoft has unveiled the new browser which was known as Project Spartan last January at a media event. According to corporate vice president Joe Belfiore the new browser was designed with features that will make it easier for web users to view pages, save them or share comments with friends.

Microsoft marketing chief Chris Capposela revealed in a conference in Atlanta that Microsoft is still in the process of choosing a name for the browser and it definitely does not have word “explorer.” This will underscore the difference from the previous browser updates which were simply done by adding numbers; for example, Internet Explorer II.

Microsoft is positive that the new Windows software will appeal to mobile users. Microsoft has stated that Project Spartan will be the next generation browser that is built for Windows 10 but Internet Explorer will still be available with Windows 10 for businesses and customers that require legacy browser support.

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