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Phuket Army Chief Guaranteed The Island Is Safe

The Army Chief assigned in Phuket, Col Santi Sakuntanark, gave assurance to travellers that the island of Phuket is safe. There is no verified threat regarding bomb attacks in areas of Phattalung and Satun. Despite the lack of threat, he said that tourists who are coming to the island for private boat in Phuket has nothing to fear because they have increased their security patrols especially in major tourist areas as well as main government buildings. The same precaution was done at the Phuket International Airport.

Col Santi said that security searches have also been setup along Phuket Check Point which is located at the bridge where the entrance of the island is. The authorities are conducting through checks. The Prime Minister has also ordered to conduct security operations like surveillances.

He revealed that the security personnel assigned in various locations as well as Phuket have reported back and no threats were detected. Nothing unusual were happening and this is the reason why the army is assuring the public that they are not in danger and they should go about their normal everyday lives.

The Amy Chief, however, said that if anyone sees any person or anything that looks suspicious to report immediately to the headquarters of the Army Region 4 since the hotline is available 24 hours every day at 1341. There is also an alternative number wherein people can call and report which is 087-1115911.

Security measures were also tighter at the airport to ensure everyone’s safety. Military personnel were dispatched together with Sakoo Police officers to help the security staff of the airport. All vehicles are thoroughly inspected before entering and leaving Phuket International Airport. Patrols were also designated to roam around the airport.

For major tourist areas in the island like Patong, Bangla Rd and local beach, Col Surasak said that security patrols were provided with additional people to ensure order. The prime minister, on the other hand, said he is concerning about the safety of the public but he advises not to panic bur remain calm. Tourists coming to enjoy a private boat in Phuket have nothing to fear as the authorities have everything under control.

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