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Record-Breaking Number Of Internet Shutdowns In 2019

It is very obvious that people today has become entirely too dependent on the internet. If an individual is interested in dental implants and how it works, he will access the internet for information, not newspapers, magazines or brochures. Prices of dental services will be compared before making a confident decision.

The internet has also become a powerful tool for authoritarian regimes. Headlines reveal internet shutdowns to hamper communications during protests and to prevent further news to spread across the world. Access to social media platforms are restricted including foreign media outlets.

According to a report from Top10VPN, at least 122 major shutdowns occurred in 2019 across 21 countries for a combined 12,000 hours. Even if internet was sometimes available, access to social media is cut. The major social media platform that has experienced the most restrictions is Facebook including its 3 core platforms, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook, itself. Restrictions are usually applied simultaneously with Twitter.

Blocking social media platforms only shows how pervasive these apps are and the critical role that they play during protests. WhatsApp is the most targeted because it is encrypted and authoritarian regimes are not very tolerant with platforms they cannot monitor.

Aside from the major internet shutdowns, there are small, more localized disruptions that were not reported. At least 90 minor blackouts happened in India alone in spite of the increased access to the internet. However, in spite of the attempts to control the flow of information, protests have continued rather than eased.

It has become easier for governments to restrict access to fixed or mobile internet due to existing technology tools. When firewalls are applied, access to specific sites can be restricted or prohibited. Users of certain platforms can be monitored through automated software with access points that were not available universally until recently. There are tools that allow mass online surveillance.

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