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Romanian Family Mourns As 14 Year-Old Teen Drowns After Accidentally Falling Into A Septic Tank

Tragedy strikes Romanian family when a 14 year-old teenage boy drowns after accidentally falling into a septic tank in school. The family is furiously wondering why there was no lock placed on the septic tank and why there were no teachers present.

In October 6, 2014, a Romanian family is now mourning the death of 14 year-old Claudiu Cristea when he slipped and fell into a septic tank during lesson break in school. Police say he was overcome by the fumes, passed out and drowned in the waste cesspool.

It had been just a normal school day for teenaged Claudiu Cristea but he did not anticipate what awaited him during lesson break. He was out in the school fields with his friends and literally enjoying their free time when Claudiu began to show off to his friends buy lifting the lid of a septic tank. Unfortunately, the teenager slipped and fell inside the septic tank which was at that time filled with waste products.

His friends were horrified and immediately called on the school authorities. It was too late, however, for the young man had already passed out on the fumes and drowned before he could be rescued.

The police arrived soon and with help from professionals, were able to recover the body of the 14 year old boy. The boy’s grief-stricken parents immediately questioned the school especially on the issue regarding the lock of the septic tank.

Alexei Cristea, the boy’s father, was quick to ask the school why there was no lock on the septic tank if it was so dangerous and why it wasn’t behind a fence. He also questioned the fact that there were no teachers nearby.

Police are still investigating the incident and determining if there is any fault on the teachers and the school.

Claudiu Cristea, on the other hand, was taken to the streets of Coltesti in a coffin for his funeral with many villagers following and mourning him.

This tragedy could have been prevented if a lock was placed on the lid of the septic tank and if it was regularly maintained.

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