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Significant Changes That Can Be Expected From Facebook And Twitter

It is very crucial for marketers to be aware of developments and changes in online marketing strategies to stay ahead of the competition. One of the most recent changes that marketers will see in a few months involves two of the most popular social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter. Many marketers have taken advantage of the marketing opportunities that have been provided by both mediums and any changes can impact heavily on their strategies.

No more promotional posts in Facebook

According to Forbes, Facebook has recently made an announcement that overly promotional posts will be reduced in user newsfeeds. However, this change is focused on organic posts and not paid advertisements. What does Facebook mean by overly promotional posts? This means:

  • Posts that convince people to buy products or apps
  • Posts that persuade people to enter contests without context
  • Post that reuses ad content

What is the reason for Facebook’s change of policy? This is to reduce the amount of promotional content in feeds because they are completely unregulated. For marketers, it means that they have to ensure that their posts are less promotional in nature. When a product or service has to be advertised, language used must not be too “salesly”. If a marketer has to post content, it is important to ensure that:

  • There is an explanation why there is a sale
  • There is a customer testimonial
  • There is content (photos, descriptions or blogs) that explains how the product can help people
  • There is a video tutorial on how a product is used

Twitter and its native video uploading

Twitter has recently announced that it is working on a native video upload feature where videos can be created and shared without the need for uploading on a third party site. This will allow marketers to easily create and share videos to catch attention and engage with Twitter followers on a more personal level. It can be quite daunting and cumbersome to create videos that have to be uploaded somewhere else before it can be posted on Twitter. If you are not yet using Twitter for marketing strategies, you better do so now before it starts to filter your feeds.

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