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Solar Roof Tiles By Tesla Getting Some Colours Soon

Ever think about the years when all we have are white bathroom tiles with no other options because technology is not as advanced yet. Now we have different shades of tile colours with various designs available. A few months after the announcement of the solar roof tiles by Elon Musk, he is now hinting on exciting news – solar roof tiles might be manufactured with colours soon after the release of the original ones.

The facility which is responsible for manufacturing Tesla’s solar roof tiles is located in Buffalo, New York. The Gigafactory 2 is the only facility that is creating the solar shingles from Tesla. It is expected to be rolled out to the commercial market in 2019.

Now we have more things to look forward to as there is a buzz going around that the company filed a patent of a design that will give the company the permission to manufacture the solar shingles in different colours that will offer the exact same functionality as the original.

The patent filed by Tesla is called Uniformly and Directionally Colored Photovoltaic Modules and was only published recently. According to the document, the photovoltaic modules are now available in black, blue and dark blue which goes to say that the original solar roof tiles will also carry the same colours.

This is one the reason why many homeowners are reluctant to shift to solar roof tiles because they prefer certain colors and shades that will match their house’s interior colors and paints. There are conventional methods that can be followed to put colors to the solar roof tiles like encapsulation sheets and tinted glass but it affects the performance of the roof tiles because of power loss to the photovoltaic cells from too much sunlight absorption. While others might settle for the original PV modules, there is also a disadvantage because it discolours as time passes.

If the patent is approved and the design is to be adopted, we might no longer feel the white bathroom tiles feeling we have way back when coloured tiles are no longer an option yet.

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