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Students Creating Free Tutoring Services Across The US To Help Amidst Pandemic

With COVID-19 hitting the world hard, people have been forced to make serious changes to their daily lives. Education is not exempt, with online classes and chemistry tuition becoming commonplace. However, there are still gaps, as online education still has its limitations.

In response, students across the United States have been setting up tutoring resources for their younger peers, in order to make sure that others still get a proper education amidst 2020’s trying times.

Portola High School seniors Alex Yan and Arvin Ding are among the many older students in the US helping out others. In their case, they’ve been holding weekly in-person tutoring sessions for younger students (elementary and middle school), as part of their organization, Math at the Library.

The organization and the duo quickly shifted to online tutoring in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and has recently partnered up with two other student volunteer groups; Irvine High School junior Annette Yuan’s Girls Empowering Girls, and Code Champion, which Ding co-founded with his sister, Cindy. GEG is an English tuition program with one-on-one conversation practice, while Code Champion is a coding class.

The two have expanded operations, now offering help like chemistry tuition to students from Seattle to Toronto.

These youths are only a couple of high school and college students across the US who have stepped up to the plate in the wake of COVID closing campuses across the country, helping bridge the education gap for people who can’t hire private tutors or those who have them but are falling behind.

Triplets Sonia, Esha, and Nikhil Mathur, from Tucson, started Peer 2 Peer Tutoring to help students who were unable to go to school due to health issues, with the operations expanding to help all students across five states, with a Granite Bay branch serving all of California.

Local governments have started pitching in, with the Los Angeles Unified School District partnering up with Step Up Tutoring to offer one-on-one tutoring to Huntington Park, Fremont, and Taft.

Step Up Co-Founder Nati Rodriguez notes that it’s been challenging for tutors, and it’ll take a while to make proper adjustments and start expanding.

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