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Surfing Contest With Beach Cleanup

Huntington Beach recently hosted a surfing contest but the event is not solely focused on waves but it also sheds light on one of the most pressing issues nowadays – wastes that ends up in the ocean. Despite efforts by the local government and junk hauling Orange County to recycle and reduce trash, there are still some that travels to the coast.

The event was entitled Reduce Reuse Recycle Surf Off which was viewed at the northern part of the pier at Ninth Street. The contest which has almost a hundred participants drew the attention of many because it also focuses on the environment.

Seth Matson was the organizer of the event and he also happened to be the founder of a nonprofit organization called Drains to Ocean. He used the phrase trashier than ever when referring to the event.

Through the entire day of the event, a simultaneous beach cleanup was also happening. There are over a hundred volunteers who came to pickup around 120 pounds of wastes found in the coast. Environmentalists were also present during the event to talk about how the trash managed to go straight to the beach from the inland.

According to Matson, majority of the participants of the contest attended with their families which made the event more fun. They were laughing and being silly while making sure to express their love for one another as well as the beloved ocean. During the competition, the surfers were able to have a healthy competition while their families enjoyed the bonding moment.

They got the chance to learn about the beauty of the event which opened their eyes the toxic impact of the trash that ends up in the ocean because of the continued increase of single-use plastics. They were able to learn the negative effects on the waterways as well as the coastline. It made people realize the importance of junk hauling Orange County to make sure out trash is handled properly. After the event, the trophies were handed out and these are all made of recycled water bottle caps that were previously collected during beach cleanups.

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