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The Different Types Of Crimes

While there are different types of crimes, criminal acts are divided into five categories. To learn more, read below.

  • Personal Crimes – Personal Crimes are crimes that lead to physical and/or mental trauma to a victim. These crimes come in two parts: Forms of homicide and other violent crimes. If the physical harm to another person results in death, the defendant can be filed with homicide charges. The types of homicide include first-degree murder, manslaughter, and vehicular homicide. Violent crimes are also severe cases that may involve assault and battery, arson, and domestic abuse. Rape, statutory rape, and child abuse also fall under the category. To get a broader understanding of these crimes, can give you more information.
  • Property Crimes – Property crimes occur when there is intrusion of another’s property. This may also result in physical and mental harm, but its primary indication is the deprivation of property use. These crimes are theft crimes, which include burglary and larceny. Robbery, shoplifting, and motor vehicle theft are also under property crimes.
  • Inchoate Crimes – these crimes are crimes that have been initiated to commit another crime. With an inchoate crime, the individual has to take a step to complete the crime so that he/she will be found guilty. There are cases where the defendant is given punishment with the same degree on the underlying crime, but some are less severe.
  • Statutory Crimes – Statutory crimes are prescribed by statute and they come in significant types. These are alcohol related crimes, drug crimes, traffic violations, and white collar crimes. These are considered illegal by the statute in order for individuals to be discouraged from doing the acts.
  • Financial and other crimes – Financial crimes are crimes where deception or fraud are involved for financial purposes. Although the term white-collar crime was derived from corporate personalities who are historically perpetrators of the crime, any person can be a white-collar criminal regardless of the industry he/she is a part of. These crimes can be fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, and others that involve money. To understand how law works, visit for more helpful facts.

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