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The Different Types Of Floor Mats

More and more car owners around the globe have seen the advantages of using a set of floor mats. Not only does it represent the personality of drivers but it also protects them against driving accidents. Floor mats are good at preventing the feet from sliding during hazardous situations. They are also helpful in keeping the cleanliness of your car floor as they serve as container for messy cargo. If you are planning to purchase a new set, it is best to know the differences of each floor mat type.

Rubber Mats – Rubber is the type of material that is most effective when it comes to the absolute worth for the automotive buck. When it comes to cleaning, rubber Floor Mats are easy because you can simply take the dirt away by using a hose. This makes it ideal for car owners who have children or those who are fond of the outdoors. Since rubber floor mats nowadays are created with ridges and deep curves, any dirt and debris are trapped, making it impossible to fall on your car’s floor.

All-Weather Vinyl Mats–it is never fun driving during the rainy season. If you are living on the East Coast or Midwest, this may probably mean you have to drive in the rain all the time. Thus, the most ideal for your car is the all-weather vinyl mats. They are designed to deal with different weather conditions. These will save your feet from slipping around the pedals, making it safer for your driving. This type of Floor Mats also prevent mud from getting on your car’s floor especially during a storm.

Fabric Floor Mats – Floor liners made of fabric have been present since the birth of the Ford Model T. And year after year, they remain as the most standard in the industry. If you are on a tight budget, fabric Floor Mats are ideal as they are also the most affordable. However, among all other types, fabric mats are the most prone to stains. The price may attract a lot of car owners, but along with it are drawbacks which may hinder your active lifestyle.

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