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The Growth In The Market For Home Security Systems

ADT Alarm Systems addresses the need of homeowners and businesses for security. The state of the art home alarm systems provide 24/7 monitoring which means that you are assured of your home and family’s safety even while you are at work. At the push of a button, the local police, fire department and medical team are immediately notified to check on the home emergency and provide the necessary assistance.

Home security has become a big business. According to Ibisworld research firm, the market for home security is worth approximately $22 billion and it is still growing rapidly. People have become aware on the importance of home security systems and a number of companies are taking advantage of the opportunity to grow their business. However, a warning to homeowners is to ensure that they are dealing with a reputable and trustworthy company and its representatives.

According to insurance commissioner Mike Chaney recent telemarketing calls to Mississippi residents has caught his attention and he has sent out a reminder that all those selling, installing and monitoring home security alarms in the state must be licensed by the state fire marshal’s office who also happens to be Mr. Chaney.

Numerous reports of robo-calls coming from a Texas area code are being received by his office. These calls inform citizens that they have been selected for a free alarm system and that the company will be sending a representative to do the installation. Citizens are reminded to ask for the state-issued license number and if a representative is indeed sent to do the installation, homeowners must insist on a license and photo-issued identification card by the State Fire Marshal’s office.

Homeowners must also be aware of potential red flags like:

• Promises of a free system because the current system is outdated and in need of a replacement even if the system has not been examined

• Claims of being chosen as a model home that is eligible for a free system

• Guarantees of a reduction in the home insurance when a system is purchased

• Claims of increased crime in your neighborhood

• Claims that the company where you purchased your system has gone out of business and that your account was purchased from the company. Always call and verify with your security system provider.

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