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The Lure Of Food Scene In Bangkok

When you visit Asia, you will know that many of its cities and people are attached to street food. By far, the most popular street food capital in Southeast Asia is the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. This is one of the reasons why tourists are booking flights and staying at Novotel in Bangkok because they wanted to experience first-hand the street foods the buzzing city has to offer.

Bangkok is not the only city aspiring to put its city on the map for the food it has to offer. Singapore is also campaigning for the Unesco to recognize its hawker centres as part of its culture. This is met with many criticisms especially coming from Malaysia considering that they have almost the same cuisine as neighbouring countries. The difference between the hawker centres of Singapore and the food scene in Bangkok is the diversity of options available for diners. The food is also not something you can have just anywhere else in the world.

The street food scene of Bangkok made headline when one of the street food shops owned by Kay Fai was recognized by the Michelin guide and was awarded with a star. Her omelette dish filled with crab meat is the reason why there is a six-hour waiting period among the queue of diners. There is even an offer coming from Thai Airways International as they wanted to have an airline menu prepared especially by the queen of street food.

There are many reasons to visit Thailand such as its shopping centres and tourist attractions but a big part is because of its culinary offerings. Based on the data released by World Tourism Organisation in 2017, the country has welcomed 35 million tourists in the previous year. This is the reason why the country is included in the top 10 of the most visited destinations in the world.

Tourism revenue is also racking up for Thailand with many accommodations such as Novotel in Bangkok always booked with tourists from local and international market. For 2017, the country generated $57.5 billion from its tourism industry and ranked fourth in all of the countries in the world.

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