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The Significance Of Online Marketing Strategy For Multiple Devices

According to Dr. Dave Chaffey, ignoring traditional devices can be a costly mistake for digital marketers. While it is true that the popularity of mobile searches through Smartphone is still a trend, it is no longer new because the tipping point happened two years ago. Consumer use of Smartphones is still on the rise alongside the decline of laptops and desktops but the rate of increase between 2015 and 2016 is no longer as phenomenal as the past years.

Even with the decline in laptop and desktop use, it is not right to completely ignore them when planning for an online marketing strategy. It is important to provide effective mobile experiences to consumers but 64% of consumers believe that the laptop, tablet and desktop are still important. In their enthusiasm to deliver Smartphone experiences, some marketers forget higher resolutions and traditional devices.

A 2015 data show that in developed countries, a high percentage of consumers use multiple devices meaning they use a Smartphone, a laptop or desktop for browsing the net. When a consumer, uses different devices, the conversion rates for Smartphones are much lower than the desktop. The data implies that while responsive web design is very important, it is also critical to deliver the businesses’ marketing message to desktops and laptops so that all sectors will be effectively covered.

It is also critical to assess consumer behavior on different devices as well as the proportion of browsers as against buyers. For example, the Smartphone is usually the primary device for fashion retail but it does not mean that it will work for all sectors. It is important to review visits that have been generated through different devices and screen resolutions for off-site media optimization and on-site conversion optimization. This will ensure that the investment of online marketing strategies will reach the target audience on their preferred devices.

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