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The World Puts Pressure On Tech Giants Regarding Harmful Content

In today’s digital age, people prefer to use the internet to shop for products and services that they require instead of going to brick and mortar stores. It is typical for a homeowner to search for roof tiles in Sydney through Google because answers are available within a few seconds. Besides being convenient, an online search is faster and more reliable.

However, Google, Facebook and other tech giants may be penalized by British regulators if they do not stop from spreading harmful online content. The landmark proposal will mark a new regulatory threat for the tech industry that has continuously dodged their responsibility towards their users. For Silicon Valley, the UK rules could result to severe repercussions on the tech industry.

The tech industry has faced global criticism for not cleaning up a lot of troubling online content. The industry was further challenged when live videos of a deadly shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand spread online. Facebook, Google and Twitter failed to stop the post from going viral in spite of increased investments on powerful tech tools.

Because of the Christchurch tragic shooting incident, Australia adopted its own content takedown law. Other countries in Europe are considering similar rules against the tech industry. The proposal of UK’s leading consumer protection authorities will focus on web content that includes false news, child exploitation, terrorist activities and extreme violence.

Once approved by Parliament, UK Watchdogs will gain significant powers to issue fines and punishments if social media sites do not quickly remove egregious posts, photos and videos from public viewing. UK will become the safest place on earth to go online.

In response, Facebook has highlighted recent investments in removing harmful content while protecting freedom of speech. Twitter is working with the government to create an appropriate balance between user safety and the preservation of the internet’s open and free nature.

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