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Tyremil Owner Ripping Off Small Businesses While Government Try To Shut Company Down

Tony Di Carlo, owner of rogue recycling company Tyremil, is under spotlight for ripping off companies to escape his own creditors while the government is eyeing to shut his business down.

Tyremil suppliers and business associates is accusing Tyremil owner Tony Di Carlo to deliberately plunge his companies to liquidation so he can escape his debts. Di Carlo is allegedly refusing to pay their bills and their suppliers. Di Carlo’s employee, Jjai Fernandez, blew the whistle regarding his practices, and alerted ASIC to investigate. Fernandez started working for Di Carlo in October 2015 and negotiates contracts for Di Carlo and the company. During this period of time he noticed questionable practices. He plunges the companies to debts, and because he is not listed formally as director (only CEO or manager), he just shuts down the company and starts another one. Grazia D’Amico, Di Carlo’s mother, is listed as the sole shareholder of Tyremil Group and Tyremil Queensland. Other Tyremil companies forced to liquidation for owing creditors hundreds of thousands, is listed under another former employee as the sole shareholder and director.

Tyremil group of companies is still under investigation for three months now, by a task force of the Queensland Government. The taskforce was ordered to look into about a million Brisbane tyres stockpiled that may cause a fire disaster. Steven Miles, Environment Minister, is looking into possible ‘criminal behavious’ by this rogue company. This was acted upon after a report in 7.30 program saying the government is powerless to act against Tyremil.

It was reported that owner Tony Di Carlo was issued a notice that his business was allegedly breaching its environmental obligations. This and his failure to respond to the claims in time pushed the Queensland government to issue the notice. Under the law, this could result in Tyremil being shut down if an environmental protection order will be ruled out, unless conditions at the Tyremil sites will improve. The sites in question are Tyremil locations in the Brisbane Suburbs, specifically in Kingston and Rocklea. Despite the government’s announcement of the investigation, aerial photos are circling online showing that the stockpile of Brisbane tyres continue to grow since the initial investigation started 3 months ago.

Di Carlo issued a statement through his lawyer stating that they are “temporarily overstocked” and that it is beyond their control. In connection to this story, Di Carlo was also charged for allegedly threatening a former employee whom he accused of starting this story by speaking with ABC. The threats were allegedly voicemail messages left by Di Carlo himself on the former employees phone. His lawyer also said that Di Carlo is willing to fight the charges.

Four years ago, Di Carlo was banned by ASIC, because a number of construction companies failed uner his leadership. His creditors was not cautious to do business with him because his questionable practices was not exposed since the other companies in liquidation was listed under Di Carlo’s mother. A number of creditors are still chasing Di Carlo, including Rob Gawn, who rented Di Carlo a tyre shredder. Di Carlo owes him $180,000 for unpaid rent and damages done to the equipment.

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