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Useful Tips When Choosing A Blanket

A blanket can provide extra warmth during the cold winter months. When you are planning to purchase one, keep in mind that blankets are not created equal. Most blankets are intended to keep you warm but there are those that can be used for decorative purposes. A good choice will be a blanket that is both cosy and stylish.

Choosing the fabric of your blanket

  • Cashmere is usually a good choice because it is softer than the traditional sheep’s wool. Cashmere comes from Cashmere goats that are raised in Tibet, Pakistan, India and other parts of the world. The fabric has better insulating capabilities that will keep you warm and cosy during cold winter nights. The fibres of cashmere do not break down easily making it worth your money.
  • Cotton is a common fabric used in beddings and comforters. Cotton is inexpensive and durable making it a favourite choice among households. The quality of a cotton blanket holds up well even after frequent washing. The fabric is breathable, soft, comfortable and perfect for relaxing in the couch and staying cosy during a cold night.
  • Fleece is a perfect fabric for all seasons. Although it is lightweight, fleece is warm and comfortable. Fleece is made from acrylic fibres that provides the material with some of its defining characteristics.
  • Alternative mink has the look and feel of a plush fur blanket but without the exorbitant price tag. It washes and dries very quickly without losing its quality and shape.
  • Berber fleece is made from synthetic fibres that is extremely soft, warm and lightweight. Its qualities are very valuable for making blankets and apparel. It is designed to wick moisture away from the body.
  • Microplush fabrics are ultra-soft without forming small clumps of fibre on its surface that are called pills. It has a luxurious feel but without the high price of higher-end blankets in the market.

The best blankets are those that are personalized according to your requirements. You can choose the colour, design, text and size at no extra cost. Each blanket is handmade by mothers in America, individually crafted and designed to exceed your expectations.

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