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What Is Neoprene And Its Advantages?

If you are wondering What is Neoprene? This material is a type of polymer that is produced through polymerization of chloroprene. The chloroprene brings all the molecules together through a chemical reaction which then creates polychloroprene chips.  These chips are melted and mixed with several foaming agents and carbon pigments for them to be baked until the material expands. At the end of the process, sheets of neoprene are produced. Neoprene is available in later and solid rubber forms.

A lot of industries are using neoprene because of several reasons. Some of the reasons why neoprene is popular include the following:


Neoprene is used in heavy duty applications such as for fire doors, gas and face mask, and wet suits, among others. This is because its material is reliable and keeps the user safe from harmful elements such as water infiltration and fire. It has insulation properties thereby resisting burning and at the same time, it is so compact that water cannot seep through the material. This is the reason why neoprene is used in various industries including car industry, industrial and aquatic.


For others who are still wondering What is Neoprene? It is used in the vehicle industry, specifically for car seats. It prevents water absorption due to sweat, accidental liquid spills from beverages, and other liquid elements. Aside from that, neoprene repels spills, it is resistant to tears and scratches, potentially from pets and children and it is also very comfortable. Neoprene is proven to be durable and high-quality.


Aside from the mentioned uses, neoprene is also popular in the electronic industry as it is widely used in laptop sleeves, mouse pads, tablet holders, and remote controls, among others. You can also find neoprene in tires, gaskets, insulators, and lunch bags; can coolers, wet suits, gloves and many more.


Another reason why there are those who are interested to know What is Neoprene? It is because the material is popular since it eliminates the need to extract high amounts of rubber from natural trees. Neoprene is also recyclable. Materials with neoprene such as wet suits can be chopped down and blended with other materials to create other items.

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