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What Works Best For The Logistics Industry – Wi-Fi Or Cellular Network

Going into 2020, the logistics industry specifically 3PL provider Titan Transline knew that innovation will be very important in refining and expanding operations. Demand for ecommerce was growing and there was stiffer competition in most markets. These factors offered plenty of motivation to the logistics industry. But then, the world was hit by the coronavirus.

Virus or no virus, leaders in the logistics industry would agree that visibility has increased in recent years. IoT devices are growing in utility and usage. Connected devices are allowing logistics companies to effectively monitor cold chain conditions and track utilization across the entire ecosystem.

According to Allied Market Research, global spending for IoT in the transportation market is estimated to more than double in 2023 to reach nearly $330 billion. Spending will increase even as IoT sensors and controller costs decline due to mass production and economies of scale.

Decline in prices means more devices in shipping containers and pallets. However, Wi-Fi won’t be everywhere because it can quickly degrade when more sensors are added. While Wi-Fi has a larger range than cellular, it can be easily obstructed. Connectivity will also decline once the devices leave the designated area. Cellular network will be a better choice for this particular environment because hardware can be designed accordingly.

The choice between Wi-Fi and cellular networks will depend on the priorities of each device and for what purpose it will be used for. Cellular network is a better option is security is a bigger concern; however, a reliable wireless network is needed by logistics companies so that devices can be in contact with each other in all corners of the country.

Asset tracking on a cellular-based network allows logistics companies to track and manage their assets inside warehouses, trailers and containers down to the single parcel. This will enable high level visibility in the logistics processes.

You can contact Titan Transline for your most complex transportation requests. There is a dedicated team of professionals with extensive expertise to provide customized and personalized caring service. The team understands the importance of your goods and you are guaranteed that the shipment will be handled with utmost care.

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