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Why 5 Star Hotels In Saigon And What To Do In Vietnam

Downtown Saigon is a combination of the old world and fast-paced modernity.  Right next to modern sky scrapers are colonial era buildings where one may notice that it’s a city under construction. Vietnam is quickly changing these past few years and you’ll find it clearly in the chaotic streets of District 1. But even with the change, you’ll have several things to see and do in this country. For starters, you can begin by booking in 5 star hotels in Saigon for your accommodation.

A Panoramic View from the Bitexco Tower

The Bitexco Tower is unquestionably a location with its lotus flower rising out from a cement jungle by the Saigon River. You can go to the 49th floor Skydeck and view the city a 360-degree angle. If you have been to the Skydeck, proceed to EON51 to enjoy cocktails and more panoramic views.

Take a Motorbike Tour

If you want to feel what’s it like living in the Ho Chi Minh City, you need to ride a motorbike. You don’t need to rent one for yourself as this city is such a horrible place for driving. From the 5 star hotels in Saigon, obtain specific tour packages from companies with English-speaking guides and proficient drivers. You can certainly feel the rush as you venture through the heavy traffic with other motorcycles.

Venture the Nguyen Hue Walking Street at Night

You’ll want to venture the Nguyen Hue Street which extends from the Saigon River to the colonial Gia Long Palace and its famous landmark, the Bitexco Tower. It is a treasured street reminding the victory from the onslaught of commercialism. At night, many people enjoy chatting with friends, taking selfies and playing some games.

Have Some Clothes Seamed Here

If you’re wanting a trip to Vietnam, ensure you leave an extra space in your luggage. Note that in Vietnam, you’ll find the best and inexpensive tailors here. Whether you want a western-style suit or dress for a special occasion or the traditional Vietnamese outfit, you’ll have it done quickly and perfectly. Then you’ll head to the 5 star hotels in Saigon where you’re accommodated.

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