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Why An Internet Crash Is Cause For Concern

The management of transport is one of the popular uses of the internet in supply chains. The internet is very important in tracking shipments to regional depots so that the company will have reliable information on the performance of the carrier. Trucking companies can confirm whether their motor carriers can meet the promised arrival time.

The benefits of a connected economy have truly transformed the world but the fact that many vital aspects of life are dependent on fast and functioning internet can be cause for concern. The power grid, banking and financial institutions, transportation and communications and even the Internet of Things rely on the internet.

The fact that the whole world is now suffering from an unimaginable pandemic the likes of which was not seen for more than a century, the prospects of a mass cybergeddon start to look more plausible. Google was down for a few hours and people are asking if the internet could crash.

The real risk is failure in underlying internet infrastructure. For example, the power grid of England is more open to risk than Google’s or Amazon’s empires. Digital infrastructures are diverse and complex and the risks of UK’s power grid going down due to aging infrastructure is greater than the threats of an external cyberattack.

When Google’s widely-used services like Gmail, YouTube, Drive and Classroom went offline for about an hour, the disruption was blamed on an internal storage issue not cyberattack. However, the coincidental timing and breadth of the outage stressed how things can quickly change when the vital online systems fail to work.

If there is one thing that organizations and countries have learned from the coronavirus pandemic, it the importance of proper planning and preparation in responding to a global threat to avoid unintended circumstances.

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