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Why Hotels Need To Adapt Innovations In Technology For Their Guests

One of the first things that a consumer will ask before making a reservation at a hotel near Esplanade Mall is whether there is free Wi-Fi in the room. A few years ago, consumers were more concerned about comfortable beds and 24-hour room service. Times have certainly changed and so with consumer requirements.

However, a white paper that was released by Hotel Internet Services (HIS) examined the effects of mainstream technology on online streaming and voice-activated assistants. It was revealed that these technologies are affecting guest behaviour and their expectations during the hotel stay. From the data that was collected from guests and hoteliers, it demonstrates that technology is minimizing guest reliance on traditional hotel technologies like room telephones and voice-on-demand.

The newly released white paper also revealed that more than 50% of today’s hotel guests prefer to stream their own content subscriptions through Netflix or Hulu because hotels have totally eliminated the voice-on-demand . Majority of guests would rather seek property from a guestroom entertainment platform to that they can wirelessly cast content from their personal gadgets to larger television screens.

Guest feedback demonstrates their desire for an entertainment device in addition to casting so that they can access details on available hotel amenities including the ability to connect to other departments so that they can easily request for services like in-room dining. Guests still prioritize the need for platforms that are equipped with security and privacy features to be able to safeguard their passwords, browsing history, usernames and personal information.

The hospitality industry must be able to adapt to technologies like mainstream entertainment and communications in order to meet guest’s expectations. While most hoteliers are aware of innovations like content streaming and voice control, some of them do not know how such innovations can fit in the hotel space and whether it can enhance profitability.

Comfort is still the priority of hotel near Esplanade Mall because most guests still request for laundry services, dry cleaning, pressing and 24-hour room service. Guests also want to relax so that the hotel provides 3 open-air geometric saltwater pools and a modern fitness centre with a wide range of gym equipment.

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