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Why Internet Outages Have Become Quite Frequent Recently

Were you trying to search for amber tiles online when there was an internet outage? There are many reasons for internet outage from network congestion to censor ships, cyber attacks or errors. A week ago, the outage was caused by Verizon’s massive route leak and affected major parts of the internet including Cloudflare, a major web services provider.

The outage last Tuesday morning was the second large scale outage after the outage that involved Cloudflare. Other sites that went down include Verizon, Discord, Shopify and many more. Matthew Prince, Co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare tweeted that they were aware of the issue and explained that it was caused by a spike in CPU traffic processors.

The same thing that runs on the mobile phones and laptops also run the servers across 180 cities all over the world. The server experienced a massive spike in CPU and it did the same thing that a laptop would do – lock up when there is a spike in CPU processes.

The CPU spike spilled over to the primary, backup and backup of backup systems and impacted systems around the world. Prince made it clear that the internet outage was not caused by a DDoS attack. There was no evidence that it was attack-related. Services that have been affected by the outage would be unavailable for 30 minutes or less. Cloudflare technicians are working behind the scenes to determine the root cause of the outage.

Ironically, even Downdetector, a website listing online service was also affected by the outage. Online users who were reporting about the services that they cannot access were not able to report their frustrations.

Three major outages were experienced last June. However, the outage that affected Coin Desk resulted into incorrect crypto currency prices with Bitcoin temporarily listed as having a price of $26. The error was immediately rectified by Bitcoin.

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