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Why Some Traditional SEO Methods Will No Longer Work With RankBrain

In 2015, Google released RankBrain that makes use of machine learning to determine the most relevant results to search engine queries. RankBrain is unlike the additional improvements to existing ranking algorithms because artificial intelligence is used to determine how web pages must be ranked. Because of RankBrain, some traditional SEO strategies may no longer work.

Google’s ranking algorithms actually use 200 factors to decide how a page must be ranked and RankBrain is one of them. The use of RankBrain allows Google to determine how users are going to interact with a page. It will be able to judge whether a page is good match for the user’s search query. This means that search will no longer be about keywords.

A guaranteed way for companies to encourage consumers to increase their SEO is to build a credible reputation for the brand so that users will use it as a trusted resource for search engines. What human users want is the most relevant, dependable and recent content that will provide the answers to their questions.

The latest algorithm change is also in part related to the increase in voice search through Amazon, Siri, Echo and Google Home. Online users are submitting longer conversational search queries because it helps them find the exact information they are looking for.

In order to optimize content to rank for keywords, it is important to utilize pillar pages in the web strategy. A pillar page is defined as an encompassing page covering specific topics in-depth while high quality content is created for sub-topics. It is similar to a book that has supporting chapters.

Aside from SEO marketing, pillar pages help organize the website and the structure of the blog content. However, it does not mean that keywords are no longer important as long as the focus is on phrases and long tailed keywords.

Creating pillar pages as your web strategy can significantly increase the ability to be found on Google and other engines; however, to gain the best results, a better option is to work with that will go beyond helping you achieve high rankings. A team will work to secure more leads and conversions for the site.

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