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Why Was June A Bad Month For The Internet?

The only time that you will need the internet at Fairmont Maldives is when you need to post your selfies in social media. You won’t need the internet to snorkel or scuba dive. Do not miss the opportunity to experience life in a giant aquarium. This is your only chance to watch seas turtles up close.

The biggest and most important stories about the internet

  • June was a bad month for the internet with several major internet outages that affected millions of people all over the world. Images do not load, direct messages cannot be sent or received and calendars and emails were not available for hours at a time. What did the world learn from the internet outages? Internet providers have to improve routing filters. It does not make sense to run a new code directly on a production system.
  • The White House is hosting a media summit for “robust conversation on the opportunities and challenges of today’s online environment” but according to news reports from CNN, Facebook and Twitter were not invited. It seems that the two platforms were not considered as digital leaders and not worth an invite.
  • Over the weekend, news spread that FBI and immigration officials were accessing images without a search warrant or court order so that can identify criminal suspects, witnesses and victims including innocent bystanders. In some instances, agents will email the state department of motor vehicles for assistance.
  • One of the biggest and important stories came from the United Kingdom’s ICO that fined British Airways with a record-breaking £183 million because of the GDPR breach that leaked data from 500,000 users. The fine is the highest ever that was levelled to a company due to data breach. The fine is estimated to be 1.5% of British Airway’s total revenues for 2018.

You won’t the miss the internet when you are at Fairmont Maldives because there are many activities that will quench your thirst for adventure. You can go island hopping and watch how the locals live in the islands. You can join a diving trip and experience the thrill of being close to fishes and sea turtles.

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