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Will Google’s New Internet Protocol Give It An Unfair Advantage?

It is very likely for a person who is looking for junk hauling Orange County to use Google search engine for a fast and efficient result. Small businesses ensure that their marketing team is using SEO strategies so that the website will appear on the first pages of Google search results. Aside from an increase in traffic to the website, businesses are given a fair chance to compete with large organizations.

Meanwhile, congressional antitrust investigators are concerned that Google’s plans of using a new internet protocol may give it an unfair advantage. According to Wall Street Journal, investigators want to determine whether Google will be using data collected through the new internet protocol for commercial purposes.

The aim of the new standard called DNS over HTTPS is to improve online privacy and security by encrypting traffic. This will hamper a hacker’s ability to spoof different websites. Google is planning to test the new protocol through users of Chrome browser next month.

Privacy is major concern nowadays and consumers are concerned with how much data has been collected from them particularly with the Cambridge Analytica Scandal that is still haunting Facebook. The UK-based company was able to gather data from 87 million people without their permission.

However, Google will gain an unfair advantage because the new standard could change online competition. Companies may be cut off from most of user’s valuable DNS surfing data. According to a Google spokesperson, they have no plans to centralize or alter DNS providers to Google by default. It is highly inaccurate to claim that Google is trying to become the centralized encrypted DNS provider.

Antitrust investigations are being carried by leaders of the House Judiciary Committee on Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon to explore competition on the online market. They want to determine whether big tech companies are engaging in anti-competitive conduct, data misuse and privacy breaches.

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