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Yelp To Tag Venues For Racist Behaviour

With the power in a single king kong marketing agency review, it stands to reason that any flags on them, or any online review, can have a great effect on businesses. This is something the online review platform Yelp knows all too well, having been built on the whole idea.

The review site is taking its stand against racism with its latest announcement; flagging businesses hit with conclusive evidence of racist behaviour. The directive will take effect throughout North America, and will consider public attention, review content, as well as verification from a credible news outlet operating in the business’ area.

Yelp VP of User Operations Noorie Malik says that, as the US deals with the problem of systemic racism, it’s been made clear that there is a need to warn customers about businesses that have been proven to be associated with, or have committed egregious, racially-charged actions in order to help people properly make informed decisions.

Taking into account the power in a king kong marketing agency review, Yelp will only start an investigation on a business if it receives an abnormal amount of reviews, an indicator of a business being mentioned in social media or the news. If the business has been proven to have been involved with racially-charged actions, then they’ll be hit with a Public Attention Alert, which will temporarily disable online reviews for that business.

The new alerts are not retroactive, Yelp explained, and will only be used following investigations into upswings in review activity.

An official statement from Yelp stated that the Business Accused of Racist Behaviour Alert will only be used on business when there is resounding, verifiable evidence of egregious, racist acts and behaviour from a business, either from its employees or owners, like using heavily racist slurs or symbols.


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