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Your Art Need Not Match Your Sofa

Gallery managers and artists from Lakeland have suggestions if you are planning to purchase art work from sites such as Beyond a Word. According to Jim Brinson, an artist for The Artist’s Coop which is a nonprofit cooperative based in Laurens, said one of the best methods in adding art works into a room is to empty the entire space and perform the reverse of what majority of people do.

After removing all the furnishings inside a room, put the art where you want it and that’s when you decorate with it as the center. Brinson added that for those collecting art, the pieces should be from the same artist or it should follow a certain theme like flowers. On the other hand, you can also collect art depending on the elements it portrays with various factors in mind such as design, harmony and balance.

Brinson also recommended that the collector should enroll in an art class in order to know the basics including value, line, texture, color and shape.

Brinson admitted that majority of buyers choose to rely on their instinct. Choose an artwork that speaks to you on a certain level and a piece that strikes something inside you. Others buy because of the sentimental value of the piece while others buy because they like the color.

Brinson collects arts together with his wife, Barbara, and she is also an artist. They tend to buy something they like and then they make it blend with their other art pieces and home furnishings.

Hsueh An White, another art collector, said that instinct should be follow when buying arts. If you find yourself looking at the same piece at an art event then you know that that piece is the one for you. This is a basis that should be followed either buying for a business location or a home. If it is to be displayed in a business establishment, make sure to consider the fact that other people will be looking at it. These are important tips to keep in mind before purchasing at sites like Beyond a Word in order to avoid buying the wrong pieces.

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