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February, 2021


Tips To Ensure Your Digital Marketing Strategy Actually Gets Used

These days, very few businesses can survive without proper digital and online marketing. As a result, you could probably safely say that having a good digital marketing strategy is important to a business. Of course, that strategy has to be implemented properly as well. It’s surprisingly common how often good digital marketing strategies get filed away when the marketing goes into the implementation. Here are a few things to keep in mind to avoid that from happening. Stop using templates. Templates are a good starting point for a marketing strategy,Read More

Best Review Sites For A Digital Marketing Agency

Business owners know that a happy customer will share the good experience with at least 10 friends while an unhappy customer will tell 100 people or more. How can an average business use customer reviews to improve its online reputation? Surprisingly, the answer is the review sites where you can keep track of what customers say about the brand. There are online sites that control a sizeable amount of the global search market like Google and Facebook. Facebook is the world’s largest social media network while Google is undoubtedly theRead More