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April, 2021


The History Of Bird’s Eye View Maps

More than 1,800 illustrated maps or bird’s eye view maps of cities and towns in the USA and Canada were produced between the 1840’s and 1920’s. More than 55% of the panoramic maps were drawn by 5 artists, Albert Ruger, Thaddeus Mortimer Fowler, Lucien R. Burleigh, Henry Wellge and Oakley H. Bailey. At least, 1,500 of the maps they created can be found in the Library of Congress. The tradition of illustrated maps started in Europe during the late 16th and early 17th centuries. Most of the bird’s eye viewRead More

Useful Tips When Choosing A Blanket

A blanket can provide extra warmth during the cold winter months. When you are planning to purchase one, keep in mind that blankets are not created equal. Most blankets are intended to keep you warm but there are those that can be used for decorative purposes. A good choice will be a blanket that is both cosy and stylish. Choosing the fabric of your blanket Cashmere is usually a good choice because it is softer than the traditional sheep’s wool. Cashmere comes from Cashmere goats that are raised in Tibet,Read More

Canada’s Divorce Act updated

Good news for family lawyers and law firms like Donich Law, as Canada’s Divorce Act recently got updated to provide better protection for children and abused spouses. The updates, the first major changes to the Act in over 2 decades, came into effect on March 1, 2021. Among their changes is a list of factors that courts have to consider when accounting for a child’s well-being for verdicts, which include the impact of family violence. Notably, the previous version of the Act made no references to family violence, as reportedRead More