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A T&T Tests Out New Internet Device In Rural Georgia

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AT&T, an American telecommunications company is currently testing out a new high speed internet device at an undisclosed place in rural Georgia. The project is called Project AirGig and the first test site in the United States is Georgia. The internet device will be an alternative to fiber cables. It is expected to transmit high speeds in the gigabit range through small plastic antennas that will be installed on top of Georgia Power utility poles. High frequency waves called millimeter waves will be used so that they will not be sending signals through the power lines.

AT&T has reported the positive results of the project in rural Georgia and an undisclosed suburban location outside the US. The project is expected to provide cheaper internet service because cables will no longer be needed. On the other hand, while Georgia needs improved internet connectivity very quickly, state lawmakers say that internet companies will not be expanding to rural areas if they have to spend time negotiating with cities and companies.

State lawmakers are pushing for a bill that will limit the power of local governments and require them to help with initiatives like Project AirGig to build the 5G broadband infrastructures statewide. Bill 533 will cap the fees that cities and counties can charge for internet providers. It will also allow companies to put small wireless devices on, above or below the right of way of the public.

Rural communities have very urgent need for fast internet service. If you are living outside the city, it can be a struggle to access the internet. For example, it is very simple to Start Georgia Application for Tax ID if there is internet connectivity because you only need to access the IRS website.

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