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Why An Internet Crash Is Cause For Concern

The management of transport is one of the popular uses of the internet in supply chains. The internet is very important in tracking shipments to regional depots so that the company will have reliable information on the performance of the carrier. Trucking companies can confirm whether their motor carriers can meet the promised arrival time. The benefits of a connected economy have truly transformed the world but the fact that many vital aspects of life are dependent on fast and functioning internet can be cause for concern. The power grid,Read More

Students Creating Free Tutoring Services Across The US To Help Amidst Pandemic

With COVID-19 hitting the world hard, people have been forced to make serious changes to their daily lives. Education is not exempt, with online classes and chemistry tuition becoming commonplace. However, there are still gaps, as online education still has its limitations. In response, students across the United States have been setting up tutoring resources for their younger peers, in order to make sure that others still get a proper education amidst 2020’s trying times. Portola High School seniors Alex Yan and Arvin Ding are among the many older studentsRead More

Negative Candle Reviews Go Up, COVID Might Be To The Cause

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the global economy hard, with economies across the world having been forced to make serious adjustments to stay afloat. Markets shifted, King Kong online agency reviews had to be rewritten and adjusted, and people have had to learn how to work online. Terri Nelson, a Portland, Oregon science illustrator forwarded an idea to Kate Petrova, a research assistant with Bryn Mawr College’s Harvard Study of Adult Development, wondering if COVID, which has ‘’lack of sense of smell’ as one of its symptoms, would affect theRead More

Edinburgh Artist Looking To Create Atlas Of Scotland

A well-known Edinburgh artist has started working on making a new atlas of Scotland, the first project of its kind to undertaken in about a century. The project is the brainchild of artist and writer Andrew Redmond Barr, who wants to make a proper atlas, like something that Rabinky Art would make; more than just an illustration of the places and geography of Scotland, but also the special qualities, history, and culture of the country. The plan is create a hardback book, which combines text and illustrated maps with theRead More

Remote Working Shaking Up Silicon Valley

With the COVID-19 pandemic changing how people work, remote working, IT inventory services, and other associated trends have shown that employees can work and innovate even away from the workplace. Employers that were limited to hiring local talent can now hire anyone, from anywhere. Silicon Valley, with a business model reliant on employee proximity, saw this shift firsthand, as San Francisco’s studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom rental rates saw the biggest year-over-year drops in the US in the month of September 2020, dropping by 31%, 24.2%, and 21.3%, respectively. Tech giantsRead More

Artist Looking To Make Atlas Of Scotland, The First In Nearly A Century

While old-fashioned illustrated maps, and the artists that make them, like Maria Rabinky, still see love in the age of digital maps, they’re not as common as they used to be. Notably, Scotland hasn’t seen an Atlas of Scotland in about a century. Andrew Barr, an Edinburgh-based writer and artist, is looking to change that however, with a new project currently in the fundraising stage. The planned project will be a hardback book, with illustrated maps accompanied by text. This new Atlas of Scotland will cover the country’s cultural andRead More

Yelp To Tag Venues For Racist Behaviour

With the power in a single king kong marketing agency review, it stands to reason that any flags on them, or any online review, can have a great effect on businesses. This is something the online review platform Yelp knows all too well, having been built on the whole idea. The review site is taking its stand against racism with its latest announcement; flagging businesses hit with conclusive evidence of racist behaviour. The directive will take effect throughout North America, and will consider public attention, review content, as well asRead More

Comcast Called On To Bridge The Digital Divide

The new normal for law firms today is the adaption of technology tools in the delivery of legal services. The internet plays a big role in internal discussions and interactions with colleagues and clients in the virtual environment. Client meetings and discussions are conducted remotely through video conferencing platforms under the radically changed circumstances. However, the big issue is slow and unreliable internet connection that happens multiple times during the day. The issue is not only affecting the remote work of lawyers but the education of students. According to GenesisRead More

What Works Best For The Logistics Industry – Wi-Fi Or Cellular Network

Going into 2020, the logistics industry specifically 3PL provider Titan Transline knew that innovation will be very important in refining and expanding operations. Demand for ecommerce was growing and there was stiffer competition in most markets. These factors offered plenty of motivation to the logistics industry. But then, the world was hit by the coronavirus. Virus or no virus, leaders in the logistics industry would agree that visibility has increased in recent years. IoT devices are growing in utility and usage. Connected devices are allowing logistics companies to effectively monitorRead More

Why Internet Access Is Absolutely Important

People are staying home and shopping through the internet. They have more time to read customer opinions like king kong advertising reviews before making a purchasing decision. Reviews are similar to word-of-mouth recommendations that consumers trust. However, a certain phenomenon was noticed since the pandemic set in. People are gathering around New York libraries trying to catch Wi-Fi outside the doors.  People do not have access to Broadband internet so they sit outside the libraries doing their work. According to Gloria Riario who oversees nine libraries in the Catskill region,Read More

Microsoft 10 Version 2004 Update Causing Problems To Laptops

A digital agency discovered a powerful marketing strategy through king kong agency review that provides users with an insight on its goals and objectives. Online reviews can deliver a reliable and consistent flow of leads and sales effortlessly. Meanwhile, a new flaw was discovered in the latest version of Microsoft 10 that could prevent users from accessing the internet. Microsoft has admitted that the flaw could affect laptops with certain LTE modems that are being used to connect to the internet through 3G/4G mobile broadband. The modems might show “noRead More