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Challenges Faced By Last Mail Carriers

Last mile delivery is the final step in the product shipping process. It involves the movement of the product/ freight from the fulfilment centre to the delivery address of the client. The last-mile delivery is a crucial part of the process and influences the customer perception of a business. Efficient final mile delivery increases customer satisfaction and positive reviews for a business. In spite of being the most important, last mile delivery is also the most time-consuming and expensive part of the shipping process.

Most of the final mile carriers, face the following challenges in providing efficient and timely deliveries of the freight.

Poor infrastructure

Most of the developing countries do not have proper infrastructure. There is no proper connectivity to different towns and villages, which means long road journeys in poor road conditions, inefficient technology etc. All these factors create time delays and unexpected costs.

Extra costs

Companies providing B2B logistics which involves shipment of huge equipment and machinery can still bear the extra costs, but it is a waste of time and money for logistics companies that provide B2C services as they have to bear the extra costs for a single parcel.

Types of goods

The type of goods to be transported also poses a challenge to the final mile carrier companies. Certain goods which are flammable, perishable or toxic require additional planning. Moreover, logistics companies providing B2B services require specialized transportation vehicles to ship the heavy machinery or equipment. They have to send trained technicians to unpack, transport the machinery to the installation site and install the machinery. The technicians should also be able to train the team members of the customers, on how to operate the equipment. All these services and training add up to the costs.

Customer nuances

Since the last mile delivery is directly connected with the customer, there are a lot of problems caused by the customer like, wrong address, unavailability of the address, remote location, and order cancellations etc. which make the job tough for logistics companies.

All these challenges result in in-efficient last mile delivery process. Businesses must be very careful while choosing a final mile carrier, for their shipments. They should choose an experienced company which has the required technology to overcome the challenges and provide reliable last mile and white glove services to their clients.

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