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Devising A Strategy For Social Media Management

Digital media is now almost hand in hand with advertising. This is the reason why small businesses tend to focus more on social media as well as their overall online visibility. Brian Peters, the social media manager and marketer of Buffer, was the host of an interactive workshop during the Philly Tech Week 2017. The event was entitled “Developing a Social Media Strategy as a Team of One”. The presentation is about small businesses and how they can create an effective content for social media without breaking the bank and with no specific department assigned.

Social media management was tackled by Peters in front of a room filled with social media managers and presented these important steps in creating a strategy.

  • While planning the social media strategy of the company, it is best to look at the mission and value objectives that the brand upholds. This will be the basis of your presence, the brand personality and the tone of your business on your social media platforms. If you know what your mission is, you will be able to devise the goals you need to accomplish including increasing the traffic in your website and creating more leads. When setting your goal, make sure to pick a specific number such as the exact number of leads you want to reach.
  • Social media management is not a play in the park. It is done best with the right tools and software available on the web. Buffer is the number one choice along with Canva, Trello, IFTTT, Google Drive and Slack for every function.
  • Creating your own published content such as images is ideal. HubSpot published that photos and videos are viewed higher than statuses that are composed of purely texts. While it is good to look at the other companies within your industry, inspiration must not stop there as there are other industries where one can draw inspiration.
  • Social media management requires curation. This is the power to use pre-existing content that are already available on the internet. We can do this by sharing popular GIFs or meme on social media platforms. Thus following content that are relevant to your business is important.
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