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Digital Trends That Can Be Expected For The Coming Year

It is predicted that the United Kingdom will be the first country in the world that will spend more than half of its advertising investments in digital media due to its obsession with online shopping. It has been forecasted by market services WPP that the UK ad market will hit £15.7 billion in 2015. Within this time, spend for online shopping is expected to break the £8 billion mark with 12.7% growth year on year. This will literally make the UK the first to spend more than £1 of the £2 spend on advertising to digital media. According to The Guardian, more money will be spent on internet marketing than other traditional media like TV, radio, newspapers, magazine and outdoor advertising.

Digital trends to watch out for

Digital videos

According to eMarketer the United States is predicted to spend more on digital video ads because wireless network providers are more than capable of streaming videos to mobile devices making it a better option to mobile banner ads. Video ads have the potential to catch more attention and even if they cost more, advertisers will be willing to pay.

Optimizing sites for mobile

According to web tracking firm, StatCounter, 30% of all web traffic is expected to come from mobile phones and tablets. It appears that the year 2014 is the year of mobile which requires web designers to ensure that websites are responsive to any platform used by a consumer. If an ecommerce site is not optimized for mobile, it loses an opportunity to do business with the mobile-using community.

Social media will be fighting it out for ad budgets

Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are established names of social media sites and it is expected that they will share in advertising dollars. If these social media sites will gain ad deals that are worth several millions of dollars, they can achieve substantial growth; however, many businesses are still pouring their ad spend to television which is the only media that is raking in the dollars at this point in time. However, devices like Smart TV’s now allow viewers to watch YouTube videos while some phones are capable of providing access to favorite TV programs which mean that brands can buy video ads for both platforms.

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