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Early Bird Booking To Make A Dream Cruise Possible

Traditionally, the idea of going on a cruise is reserved only for the affluent and popular celebrities who can afford the expense. However, budget conscious travellers have become more discerning of travel companies and cruise operators. In order to make a dream cruise possible, travellers have started to take advantage of early-bird specials, last-minute deals and one-way routes offered for a discount.

According to insiders from travel companies like Travelzoo and, there are a few tried and tested techniques to gain the biggest advantage when booking for a holiday cruise. Prices for cruises are highly flexible; they can fluctuate during the booking season which makes proper timing very critical.

Based on expert suggestions, you can save a lot of money by booking the holiday cruise at least 2 years in advance of the ship’s departure date. Holidaymakers are offered the early-bird specials to enjoy huge savings and incentives at the start of the booking season. Some of the perks often include cabin upgrades, beverage packages or ship credits.

Booking late is like a gamble but last minute deals can be a win-win situation for a holidaymaker. Sometimes, cruise operators are in hurry to fill empty cabins up to 12 weeks before departure. Before you decide on this option, make sure you are prepared to take whatever is available in terms of cabin location, cruise destination or preferred ship.

Repositioning is usually offered with large discounts. Holiday cruise providers reposition their ships from one part of the globe to another to prepare for changes in season. However, you will spend a much longer time at sea with very few port calls. The itinerary can be boring and there is greater possibility for the ship to meet inclement weather during the cruise. If you opt for this type of cruise, make sure that the ship has good entertainment facilities.

Most holidaymakers today know how to take advantage of holiday discounts. For example, early bird booking in Sukhumvit offers guests special discounts to spa packages and breakfast vouchers. Get the most from your holiday in Bangkok by booking early and finding out the perks offered to guests.

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