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First Robot Photographer In The World Accomplished First Gig

We are truly in the digital age as robots starts to take over some of the jobs used to be done by humans. While many are saying that robots will slowly replace every human job available, there are still many jobs that only humans can do. The latest robotic news shocked a wedding planner in Sydney because the said machine is able to play the role of a wedding photographer.

Service Robots, a company based in the United Kingdom, offer clients with automation services such as droids either to purchase or hire. One of their latest offering is the wedding photographer named Eva. The robot is humanoid in form and utilizes facial recognition technology to determine the humans before inquiring if they wanted to have their photos taken or not.

Eva was introduced to the public at the beginning of 2019 but it was not until last week that the robot was able to land its first job and was able to shoot a wedding ceremony. The first couple to hire the robot is Gary and Megan.

According to the groom, Gary, the robot photographer made their day extra special and the guests were all in awe with it. Eva turned out to be a great treat for all the guests and it made them feel involved with the celebration. It was a refreshing change from the usual photo booths found in weddings.

The humanoid robot, Eva, has a color screen which is interactive placed in front. Guests have the option to choose different settings before Eva takes the final picture. Upon booking, Service Robots will send staff to setup a station where the photographs can be printed on the spot. If the guests do not wanted printed copies, they can opt to directly upload their photos through social media platforms as long as the venue has its own internet connection.

Service Robots representative said that many couples are looking for something new to add to their weddings. This is a view shared by a wedding planner in Sydney as most of the clients wanted their event to stand out and guests to remember even monthsafter the occasion.

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