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Google Tries To Sanitize The Internet By Filtering Toxic Comments

The internet has become a very powerful tool for communications and exchanges of ideas. It is also the most convenient and efficient source of information regarding products and services. The best proof is Google that almost everyone uses to search for a myriad of products from urban map illustration to the latest brand of sports shoes.

Meanwhile, those who have spent a meaningful time on the internet will always advice you not read comments. Every time you sift through comments in social media, you can expect some vulgar and profane language. However, Google is trying to provide online users with more power over what they can do and do not want to see.

The tool called Tune is a Google extension that was established according to the same machine learning models used in Perspective, Google’s API that flags “toxic content.” Tune has the capability to identify toxic content that is intended for internet users. The tool works on several platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit and Disqus, The user has the option to choose how much of the content they want to filter.

According to CJ Adams, product manager of Google-owned Jigsaw, a user can adjust the volume of toxic comments. The tool which looks like a volume dial in the shape of a chat bubble can filter out all the comments that have been identified as toxic once the volume is turned all the way down. If the volume is all the way up, all comments will be shown. Middle ground volume allows the user to customize whatever toxic comments they want to see.

Once the extension to Chrome is added, the user gains the option to filter toxicity, the default setting. Toxic comments include insults, attacks to identity, profanity, threats and sexually explicit comments. If these comments are censored, the web becomes more sanitized.

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