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Healthcare Industry Welcomes Cybersecurity Applicants

There is a growing need for cybersecurity personnel in all industries. In fact, US show a shortage of them. One of the industries that are trying to attract cybersecurity personnel is the healthcare industry.

If you have the right IT skills, you will not only be able to land a job in some healthcare IT company. Reports say that this job is now very much needed in hospitals, where it is said that that three out of four hospitals do not have a qualified cybersecurity personnel, according to a report released by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Sciences.

Reports are even saying that this is a dire crisis in healthcare organizations. Some are now claiming that cybercriminals are out there, hungry to get their hands on healthcare records.

Latest trends are now indicating that IT healthcare and HR executives in a good position to attract cybersecurity talents, given that the healthcare industry is set to hire more soon says a recent study.

In fact, healthcare hiring managers were already given the go signal to increase cybersecurity workforce by 30 percent this year. This is noticeably higher compared to any other industry.

Not excited about working in a hospital of any other healthcare IT company for that matter? Then you might be interested in working for the retail industry. News says that in North America, retail-hiring managers are now planning to increase cybersecurity personnel by 39%. The manufacturing industry on the other hand is gearedto increase this by 32 percent. In comparison, cybersecurity workforce is expected to increase by 31 percent in the energy industry, 30 percent in military service, 27 percent in the government, 29 percent in finance, and 25 percent in media.

Where could you possibly send your application? Almost 50 percent of hiring managers in North America for all industries try to find talent using professional and social networks. About 47 percent use human resources departments, while 36 percent of these rely on job boards. Others hire from among university graduates, other departments, retained search firms, career fairs, trade shows, and conferences.

For those of you who do not have a clear career path yet, cybersecurity is in-demand now and is expected to still be so several years from now.

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